• Experience the beautiful views from a Misty Mountain Villa.

  • Enjoy the beautiful artwork hand crafted by locals.

  • Misty Mountain Tours will take your breath away.

  • See some of the biggest mountain in Sri Lanka from your room.

  • Enjoy Sri Lanka from the top.

Discover rooms available

Misty Mountain Villas have all types of rooms to suit all types of budgets and people. Our rooms start from a very comfortable US$60 for a standard room all the way up to US$150 for a Triple roomed Villa.

Standard Room

Standard rooms
from US$60

Our standard rooms are great for those who are looking for an affordable room at our Misty Mountain Villas.

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Deluxe Room

Deluxe roomsfrom US$80

Our Deluxe rooms are the perfect way to experience the Misty Mountains of Sri lanka all included with cable tv and a jacuzzi.

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Villasfrom US$80

Our Villas are the ultimate way to stay at Misty Mountain. The ideal way to experience the hills of Sri Lanka in your own Villa.

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Situated in the central hill country Nuwara Eliya, also known as Little England, is Sri Lanka's popular holiday destination which sits approximately 6500 feet above sea level. Misty Mountain Villas is located in the highest part of this beautiful island, Sri Lanka. The temperature always ranges from 12° C to 26° C.

Nuwara Eliya is endowed with almost everything a holiday maker seeks, with breathtaking views, panaramic colours, beautiful gardens, cascading waterfalls, lakes, sweet smelling mountain air and not forgetting the mountains carpeted with tea.

Driving into Nuwara Eliya from any direction is such an inspiring journey in itself. Emerce yourself in the culture and beauty of this amazing country.

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Misty Mountain Tours will organise and operate great tours to your liking, including :